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Buy as little as 6 labels starting at $2.34

Simple Pricing

Any Card Any Parallel.

We try to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to placing an order, from simple pricing, minimal shipping cost and guest checkouts to the ease of placing an order.

Buy as little as 6 labels starting at $2.34
6+ starting at $2.34
12+ starting at $3.96
24+ starting at $6.96
48+ starting at $12.96
96+ starting at $22.08
Any Card Any Parallel.

By using print on demand technology we ship fast! All label orders ship on or by the next business day.

Label Features:

  • Trading Card Identification
  • Fits Popular Card Holders
  • Card Holder Spine Text
  • Card Type/Set Information
  • Parallel/Sequence Indicators
  • Simple Low Cost Pricing
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Product information

Labels for Trading Card Holders

From the popular Standard 35pt Toploader to Magnetic One-Touch Holders we have a label that will fit your cards holder and it comes with your cards information pre-printed on it.

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Nice, labels for my one-touch card holders...

Customer Reviews

5.0 Star Review

Nice, labels for my one-touch card holders...

Overall I am super pleased. I got them for my UFC cards that were worthy of a magnetic one-touch holder, the fold over design with spine text fits perfectly. The labels came out great and I would definitely order again.

Positive Notes:
  • $0.99 Shipping, 
  • Fits Magentic One-Touch Holders

Mr. Benson First Customer of Toploader Labels