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Examples of Our Labels

From the popular Standard 35pt Toploader to Magnetic One-Touch Holders we have a label that will fit your cards holder and it comes with your cards information pre-printed on it.

Toploader Labels

Toploader Labels: Labels for Trading Card Holders. We sell pre-populated labels designed to fit various sizes of popular card holders including toploaders and magnetic holders. Our labels are a Matte White Paper based label that has a bright white surface with an abrasion resistant matte finish and receptive coating allowing for exceptional print quality.

Trading Card Identification

Toploader Labels come pre-printed with the card data you select during checkout. The label will easily identify your card for years to come.

Toploader Labels Trading Card Identification Labels

Fits Popular Card Holders

Our Fold Over Labels fit toploader and magnetic style holders ranging in size from standard to super thick card holder sizes. We also offer a Non Fold label for Semi-Rigid and other card holders designs.

Toploader Labels are sized to fit Popular Card Holders

Card Holder Spine Text

Our Labels are printed with spine text making cards easy to identify while multiple card holders are stacked and stored together. Spine text includes: Sport/Subject, Card Year/Type/Set, Card Sequence Number, Parallel Indicator and Parallel Sequence Number if available.

Toploader Labels Card Holder Spine Text

Suggested Label Placement

Placing Labels

When placing Toploader Labels on your cards holder, use the list below to find the suggested label placement. Toploader Labels never suggests placing labels where the label would at any time come into contact with the card itself.

Toploader Card Holders
Fold label over the Right Side of the holder using the labels spine text as a centering guide. When placing multiple labels on multiple cards that will be stored together, we suggest a consistent bottom right placement.
Magnetic One-Touch Holders
Fold label over the Top of the holder using the labels spine text as a centering guide.
Semi-Rigid Card Holders
Place label on the Top Back of the holder on the opposite side of the card slot.
Resealable Team Bags
Place label anywhere on the Outside of the bag.
Hinged, Slider, Snap Cases
Place label anywhere on the Outside of the case.
Origination Dividers
Place label on the Top Front of the divider.
Collector Storage Boxes
Place label on the Outside of the box.
Toploader Labels Trading Card Type Labels

Card Type Labels

Availible on each Card Type Page

Great for card storage boxes incluing cardboard collector boxes, cases, orginization dividers or team bags. This label is meant to be use on the outside of a container that contains many trading card sets/cards.

Toploader Labels Trading Card Set Labels

Card Set Labels

Availible on each Card Set Page

Great for team bags, card storage boxes, orginization dividers or Hinged, Slider and Snap card cases. This label is meant to be use on the outside of a container/bag that contains many trading cards that belong to a particular card set.

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Nice, labels for my one-touch card holders...

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5.0 Star Review

Nice, labels for my one-touch card holders...

Overall I am super pleased. I got them for my UFC cards that were worthy of a magnetic one-touch holder, the fold over design with spine text fits perfectly. The labels came out great and I would definitely order again.

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  • $0.99 Shipping, 
  • Fits Magentic One-Touch Holders

Mr. Benson First Customer of Toploader Labels

Simple Pricing. Any Card Any Parallel. We try to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to placing an order, from simple pricing, minimal shipping cost and guest checkouts to the ease of placing an order.